Pros and Cons of MD Roofing Materials

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There are many types of roofing materials available in different cities throughout Maryland. The type of roofing materials to be used depends on the taste of the consumer and the advice of the Maryland roofing contractor, the financial ability as well as the nature of climate in a given area. The wood shakes, concrete tiles, composition shingles, metal roofs the clay tiles and the slate roofing are some of the most common forms of roofing materials. At least all the homeowners long for a cheaper roof, that doesn’t need much maintenance, and will last longer. Unfortunately, nearly all roofs at some point have to be replaced or repaired. This should be done after a maximum period of ten years.

Homeowners should therefore invest more time in choosing the right form of roofing materials so that they don’t incur extra expenses at the end of it all. The composition shingles for instance are the most common form of roofing materials in many parts of the U.S, they are cheaper, and have high quality form of versions, which are normally made from the fiberglass shingles. Most of these roofing materials last for longer; they can also be recycled after use.  The homeowner will have the option of choosing from the various brands, types and colors.

They have the ability to adapt to a number of applications and this is among the reasons why they are very popular.  The installation process for these materials is easy, the maintenance costs are also very cheap compared to other roofing materials.  The main disadvantage with these roofing materials is that they can blow off easily when there are strong winds.

The wood shakes on the other hand have a natural appearance; they have variations in terms of color, thickness and width. They have good ventilation ability; this is because of the small openings that are within it.  On the negative side, they require higher maintenance costs; the old shakes are not able to be recycled. They also have less protection because most of them have not been rated by the fire safety codes.  Unlike the composition shingles, the installation of wood shakes is more complicated.  Therefore, the home owner has to depend on the quality experience of contractor. 

The best type of shakes comes from the heart of cedar trees; therefore the quality matters a lot. They are also a bit expensive, but they last a lot longer.  The clay tiles are the best roofing materials for the homes that want to have a modern look.  Tiles usually last longer; they also don’t rot or burn.  The maintenance costs are very low when you use Maryland roofers. These roofing materials come in a variety of colors shapes and designs and therefore the homeowner has variety of choices to pick from.  The only disadvantage is their heavy weight, they also fade after sometime.


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